Cleaning and Power Washing

In a perfect world, the influence of time, environmental and weather conditions would render ineffective to the physical quality of street furniture and the advertisements they contain. The reality is, it requires daily inspection and professional cleaning to maintain an appearance that is sleek and impressive. We boast a 100% Green cleaning operation, which means an organic approach to maintaining a lustrous image and a safer solution for our environment and the general public.


Electrical Services

For those who have visited Times Square, it is pretty easy to remember that feeling of astonishment that you experienced seeing the flashing lights, vivid color, and enormous signs. Without electricity, Time Square would look just like any other street in New York. The same is true for the power that is provided to the advertisements that are posted on virtually every street in the city. Our industry-leading professionals are here to sustain that power and certify the bright and clear delivery of your company's advertisements, twenty four hours a day. Let there be light.


Advertisement Installation & Maintenance

Our advanced Posting Department at DynaServ is responsible for the installation and conservation of over 10,000 pieces of street furniture advertisements within the tri-state area. With the advertisement industry growing now more than ever, we understand the vital importance of a clear and professional presentation of a client's image. We utilize industry-leading resources to accomplish this task, and with service twenty four hours per day, seven days per week, we ensure that your image reaches the masses at all hours of the day and through any weather conditions.


Sign Repair & Field Services

Our highly-skilled Repair Department oversees the installation and replacement of advertisement panels, LCD screens, and physical up-keep of all street furnishings. Be it broken glass, rusted or missing hardware, or damaged metal, we cover all the bases to keep a fully functioning façade that accurately represents the client's media presence.